Bullying Boosts Drug Use in Teen Girls

20 Jan


“For parents of boys who are bullied: Depression is still an issue, but it may not explain the relation between victimization and substance use,” he adds further. The data his team used were extracted from the 2005/2006 US Health Behavior in School-aged Children (HBSC) survey.

“Bullying is a serious problem among adolescents. Previous research has shown that it is associated with loneliness, depression and suicide,” the researcher add.

“But no previous national studies have identified depression as an explanation for the relationship between victimization from bullying and substance use,” he concludes.

The conclusions of the new study are also important in light of the fact that the number of instances when kids are bullied is on the rise. Plus, the abusive behavior has now moved online.

This means that children who are subjected to bullying are harassed not also at school, but on social media websites as well. The abuse they endure is therefore permanent, and extends around the clocks. As such, it becomes extremely difficult to deal with.


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