Seven-year-old girl gets ears pinned back to stop bullying

Bullying has always been a frustrating part of school culture, but children like Samantha Shaw are going to new extremes like plastic surgery to cope with the taunting, according to Good Morning America.

Shaw is a 7-year-old girl who has endured her fair share of bullying for her protruding ears, and with her mother’s consent, she underwent a two and a half hour otoplasty, also known as pinning back the ears.

Cami Roselles, Shaw’s mother, said her young daughter got sick from the anesthesia and it was a frightening experience, but it all seemed to be worth it once Shaw got a look at her pinned back ears.

Shaw has a few black and blue bruises, but her surgeon, Dr. Steven Pearlman said it was perfectly normal. With a 30 percent growth in children undergoing plastic surgery, kids going under knife to alter their appearance appears to be coming more normal as well.

Experts are seeing a direct correlation between bullying and children seeking plastic surgery to “fix” their problems.

But some say plastic surgery shouldn’t be seen as a solution to bullying.

“Changing appearance is not the solution,” said Cheryl Rode, director of clinical operations at the San Diego Center for Children. “We never want to hold the victim responsible for the bullying.”

Despite people disagreeing with Shaw’s procedure, she looks forward to doing things like pulling her hair up and wearing earrings, something she was always too self conscious to do.

Once Shaw’s protective headband comes off, Roselles says her daughter won’t have to endure taunts and painful questions anymore, subsequently keeping her from going to behavioral extremes to defend herself.

“I don’t want her to be teased and bullied and then have her lash out and treat people the way she’s being treated,” Roselles said.

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